A Little About Us

About Grow MedicalWhat Makes Us Different?

What does the frog represent?

Our frog is a rather splendid red-eyed tree frog (agalychnis callidryas) and it captures a great deal of our viewpoint and aspiration. In particular, they:

  • Are all beautiful and unique
  • Are enthusiastic climbers
  • Have learned to confidently leap
  • Adapt to survive and thrive, and
  • Achieve without being poisonous

They are also green, long associated with growth and vibrancy and we figured might become a talking point (why a frog?) that allows us to explain what we do and what's important to us.

Why Grow Medical?

We realise you'll have discovered quite a choice of individual or company to support you and that it is difficult to determine the difference between them at face value. We won't tell you about the others but we are proud of what we represent:

  • Training developed by true experts (Oxford University Press Authors) in consultant interview preparation & technique
  • Human effectiveness is what we specialise in, not our side line (beware of those that are learning on you)
  • Psychological profiling and/or guidance, providing unique insight by appreciating people are individual (beware those treating everyone the same)
  • Access to vital resources, extending your learning, revision and insight (beware those where it's just a course)
  • An enormous resource centre and question bank, including vital additional e-learning on the NHS and how it is changing, all designed to massively short cut your preparation process
  • Failsafe coaching, helping you overcome unique challenges (beware those where the course is the end, not the beginning)

If we are right for you then it's likely you are looking for someone where your success is far more important to them than your credit card, where their commitment is an ongoing one rather than a simple transaction and where you get the deepest and broadest insight & practical skill possible.


Your interview training and success is supported by two of the most experienced people you will find in this field, both Oxford University Press authors on the subject, with a successful coaching practice and many years experience of interview preparation (not to mention a phenomenal success rate).

Dr Sara Watkin

True Expert in Supporting Interview Readiness
Sara is truly passionate about enabling trainees to perform to their very best ability (and beyond) at the crucial momemts that determine their life and career course. Of course, the consultant interview is probably one of the most significant and you won't find a more qualified, pragmatic and committed individual to help you.

  • Acute specialty consultant of 20+ years' service
  • Clinical Service Lead, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Neonatal Service
  • Clinical Director for 10+ years
  • Clinical Lead for a Managed Clinical Network for 2 years
  • Educational supervisor and College Tutor for many years
  • Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Career and The Consultant Journal
  • Expert in Interview Preparation for those approaching consultanthood
  • Specialist in Career Strategy & Enhancement
  • Qualified to deliver MBTI, FIRO-B, LQF tools
  • Author of The Consultant Interview (Oxford University Press)
  • Formal training from The Coaching Academy

Mr Andrew Vincent

The Consumate Strategist where Behaviour is Involved
Andrew has a true depth of knowledge and an uncanny insight into the impacts of healthcare reform on individuals, services and Trusts. Architect of the renowned Inisghts Programme for better understanding and interpreting healthcare change, he is a tireless proponent of an improved leadership approach and a true expert in behavioural strategies that make a real difference in key moments. Not bad to have on your interview preparation team!

  • Background in senior management in healthcare-related business
  • 15+ years in strategic marketing, management & leadership around health
  • Special interest in the motivations of and influences on behaviour
  • Provides consultancy in complex, human performance related areas
  • Specialist in leadership of health services in the modern, competitive healthcare economy
  • Qualified to deliver MBTI, FIRO-B, SDI tools
  • Author of The Consultant Interview (Oxford University Press)
  • Formal training from The Coaching Academy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • MBA with Distinction (Manchester Business School)


Our vision is to become the most valued and trusted enabler of success by positively impact well-being, achievement and prosperity across the work-life spectrum.(Climbing Successfully, Learning to Confidently Leap, Adapting to a Changing Environment and doing so positively, without poison)


Passionate about enabling your success in life & healthcare
It's difficult to explain but perhaps if we said that we feel pain when we see genuine people with positive aspirations struggling to achieve them simply because they haven't had the right support, nurturing and guidance and that we get a huge personal buzz out of enabling them to realise those aspirations, more swiftly and to a greater degree than they ever thought possible, would that help you understand?


Achieving in life, career and business is a learned set of skills and behaviours. We've all spent our whole lives learning. Sometimes, to reach new heights (the top of our conceptual tree), we have to unlearn the old way and re-learn new ways. Sometimes we know what to do but for whatever reason we don't do it. What we do know is that everyone has an inner tree frog and with the right support, coaching, nurturing, guidance and strategies, everyone can climb successfully, learn to leap confidently and achieve at a far higher level than we sometimes believe.

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