Consultant Interview Skills

Our ApproachComprehensive approach based on 7 key components

Stacking the Odds in Your favour

In most specialties, the number of consultant posts advertised is decreasing rapidly, thanks largely to our tough economic climate, resulting in increased applications for each post. To get the post you really want means taking every step necessary to stack the odds in your favour and our approach is designed to do just that.

1. Gold Standard E-learning Course

Comprehensive, practical course designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and insight to be successful. Getting the right job is so much more than the interview itself and so we ensure you gain the strategies necessary to place you in the best possible condition by the time your perfect job is advertised. The e-learning is a captured open course professionally built into a fully narrated (video and audio) programme. You can work though it is stages and ensure you get the best from it.

2. Insights - Understanding The Evolving Healthcare Landscape E-Learning Course

Normally costing £125 on its own, this extensive programme ensures you know all you need to know about the evolving healthcare landscape, what it means to frontline clinical services, what it takes to create successful services going forward, key challenges and more. Equipped with this level of insight, you'll be just the type of person a service is looking for - someone who knows what it takes to drive service success in an increasingly challenging environment.

3. Insights Update - Important Post-election Update Course

With a new Conservative majority we are seeing some major behavioural changes and a number of key initiatives being put on fast forward. It's these types of issues that form the basis of interview questions - the stuff on people's minds today. It's vital that you know and understand what's going on if you are to be adequately prepared.

4. Psychological Profiling & Feedback

We don't need to tell you just how unique people are but have you ever considered that your 'inner human' is a key determinant of success at interview? We ask you to take a short profiling exercise and then provide you with feedback designed to allow you to maximise your strengths, compensate for your weaker areas, know which aspects to emphasise and more importantly how to sell yourself in your specialty.

5. Extensive Online Resources

We recognise that you can never learn enough on the course itself and in any event we'd prefer you to concentrate on acquiring the right skills whilst gaining feedback. However, to ensure that you get the edge across all areas contributing to interview success, we give you access to protected areas where you'll find a myriad of resources, guidance, questions & strategies not available to the outside world.

6. CV Guidance

Your CV is your access medium to the interview itself and so it's vital that you get this aspect right. Go to a CV writing company and you could just end up with a CV looking like everyone else's. We give you access to the knowledge, insight and strategies, coupled with CV audit tools, to allow you to construct a powerful CV that gets you invited to the table.

7. Back Up Coaching

Fail to get offered a position after 4 interviews and we'll provide you with personal coaching to overcome any specific issues. Furthermore, we'll take a look at your whole strategy and provide advice on how to improve it. This unique aspect of our approach demonstrates our confidence in being able to influence your results whilst reassuring you that you are entering a relationship with success at the end of it.

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