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1-to-1 Interview CoachingOne-to-one coaching with Dr Sara Watkin

Over 70% Success Rate

Over 70%
Success Rate

Currently over 70% of those undertaking coaching with Sara go on to get offered their very next job!


One-to-One coaching
with Sara

Coaching can take place in Derby, or Sara's home office just South of Derby, or in the late afternoon/early evening in Central London.

2 hour structured coaching session

2 hour structured coaching session

The coaching itself is 2 hours in duration, providing direct feedback to help develop and hone key skills

Extensive Online Resources

Extensive Online Resources

Gain access to our huge resource base enabling you to prepare in short order and always be at the top of your game

About Dr Sara Watkin

Sara is Consultant Neonatologist and Clinical Service Lead at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, with over 14 years as a consultant and more than 8 years in senior service & network leadership roles. She has appointed (and rejected) many consultants in that time.

Sara is also author of the prestigious title The Consultant Interview, published by Oxford University Press and has a formal coaching training from the country's leading coaching school, The Coaching Academy.

Besides her unbeatable credentials in interview insight and preparation, she is also a very active member of the leadership faculty of Medicademy LLP and Editor-in-Chief of two journals; The Consultant and Quality, Governance & Experience. This depth and breadth of relevant experience is undoubtedly why she has such an enviable success rate.

How The Coaching Unfolds

Prior to the coaching session itself, you will be asked to undertake psychological profiling to look at the internal drivers of your behaviour, including communication. This is a vital component of helping you understand what might be inadvertently disconnecting you from members of your interview panel. It will provide you with tremendous help in answering questions most effectively, as well as building rapport with key players. This will be discussed during the coaching session.

The coaching itself is 2 hours in duration. It commences with a short practice interview to give insight into the areas requiring specific attention, provides direct feedback to help develop and hone key skills, includesexploration of the effects of internal wiring on interview outcome and the opportunity to explore issues specifically relevant to you. At the end of the session there is a further practice interview to help reinforce everything you have learned and to address any outstanding factors that could improve your chances of success.

After the coaching you will receive access to our password-protected interview resources which include help on writing CVs, completing the NHS application form, pre-interview visits, the interview itself, literally 100s of interview questions and a constantly updated set of links to relevant material. You will also be able to undertake the Consultant Interview Skills e-learning programme and the immensely powerful Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape e-learning course, absolutely vital in ensuring you know the critical changes affecting services going forward.

Coaching Locations & Costs

Coaching can take place at our offices in Derby, at Sara's home office just South of Derby or in the late afternoon/early evening in Central London. Occasionally, coaching can also be undertaken in Central Birmingham and close to Manchester Airport.

The cost of 1-2-1 coaching is £445 inclusive This includes:

2 hour one-to-one coaching session

2 hour one-to-one coaching session


Consultant Interview Skills e-learning suite


NHS Insights
e-Learning Course

Extensive interview preparation zone

Access to our interview preparation zone

Access to 100s of interview questions

Access to 100s of interview questions

Psychological Profiling & Feedback

Profiling & Feedback

Taking This Forward

If you would like to speak further about coaching or to book coaching please contact Sara Watkin
directly on 07855 312529 or email at sara@growmedical.co.uk

You can also find out more at www.consultantinterviewcoaching.co.uk

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