Consultant Interview Coaching

(including our Course & Whole Preparation Programme)

Introducing the Coaching

Our current coaching package has evolved over years of experience in coaching for consultant interviews, with each iteration designed to  stack the odds in your favour still further. It has resulted in a super-comprehensive and effective package with an enviable success rate.

How does it differ from the course? Essentially, the course programme and the coaching package are identical in terms of access to materials, learning and preparation resources (check out just what that includes HERE) but the coaching programme adds one-on-one, face-to-face coaching, along with a greater level of individual support and guidance.

“Around 80% of those we coach go on to get the very next job they interview for”

Understanding the Coaching Package

How the Programme Works

We take you through a whole development programme, including a course, designed to take you from readiness ground zero right through to super-prepared and capable, in stages, tailored to the stage of your journey, whether your starting point is pre-application or already short-listed. We call this our 8P PROCESS, which you can learn more about HERE. I’ll guide you through that process and then, as the interview approaches, we then engage in face-to-face coaching (by video-conference, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime) in the form of mock interview questions with feedback and correction.

Why it REALLY works!

We’ve been using this process on our face-to-face coachees with a consistent success rate approaching 80% (at the very next job interview). The secret is the combination of the right strategy + the preparation process + the direct coaching. We REALLY understand consultant interviews and so when candidates follow the right strategy., prepare correctly and learn to apply it in the interview in a way that coaching really really supports… bingo!


  • The learning has strategy built in at EVERY stage
  • The preparation guidance means you spend time on the right things
  • It deals with the whole process, not just the interview (makes a big difference)
  • It is constantly updated, so you are too!
  • Real, human support, advice or guidance (removes much of the guess-work)
  • The coaching itself is supremely effective

What you get:


Comprehensive video-based e-learning course


Supplemental instruction on everything from pre-interview visits to individual questions


Specific guidance on interview and preparation strategy


Access to extensive preparation resources to save you days of time (scarce commodity!)


Additional courses on Presentations and on the NHS


Access to all materials for a full year!


Extensive personal support & advice


2 hours of direct, face-to-face coaching


IMPORTANT: We have strict limits to coaching to ensure quality & time, so enquire early!

How We Coach


Our coaching is conducted online or via phone but always face-to-face to mimic the conditions facing you at interview. We prefer to utilise video-conferencing and have facilities with both Whereby and Zoom. However, we also coach via Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime as backup methods, allowing for a variety of locations and connection qualities.

The Coaching Session Itself

We tend to conduct the coaching as two separate 1-hour sessions, which helps you in your preparation and allows us to focus on different types of questions in each session. Besides specific guidance on interview strategy and the tips & tricks that make all of the difference, the majority of the time is spent asking you typical interview questions and then using our huge experience to give you feedback on how to re-structure, applying things you learned, handle different types of questions or nuances and avoid the myriad of pitfalls or red flags that can so easily unseat even the best candidates. It’s a safe environment in which to explore your approach and then optimise it so you preset the very best version of you.


When is best to start it?

Definitely as early as possible (see late stage coaching though), ideally even before applying, so that we can guide you through from end-to-end in a way that really optimises your chances, as well as checking applications for red flags.

Can I start after short-listing?

Certainly. I would say about half of those we coach have already been shortlisted. Obviously the earlier you start, the more comfortable preparation is and the more ready you end up. Today, the time between short-listing and interview is definitely getting shorter too.

What about coaching close to? (late stage)

Although we’d always advise starting preparation early, we’d have to say that the less time you have, the more important the guidance is. the moment you don’t have time for everything is the moment you REALLY need support in knowing what to focus on and what to leave out. Yes, we coach close to. Just ask.

What if I am not short-listed?

You have access to all materials for 12 months anyway, and so we simply provide you with support as and when the next post comes up. There isn’t an expiry on the coaching. We’ve coached up to 18 months after initially being engaged (someone who needed a whole new period of learning to get their CCT).

About the Coaches

As a team, you could say we are experienced. Sara has over 25 years’ experience as a consultant, with nearly 15 years as Service Lead, having short-listed, interviewed and appointed (and rejected) countless consultants. Andrew is a healthcare leadership and behavior specialist,  with a deep insight into the NHS, and a Director of a successful health practice, as well as direct experience of interviewing and appointing consultants.

Both are accomplished, professionally trained coaches and each is co-author of the Oxford University Press book titled The Consultant Interview.

With those credentials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 75-80% of individuals we coach get offered the very next job they interview for.


Many thanks for your time last week for the coaching session! I am glad to say that they have offered me the job after the interview I had yesterday! On reflection, the coaching session was absolutely fantastic and I only wish that it happened a lot more earlier in the course of my preparation. Thank you once again for your time!

Consultant, Neurology


I’d just let you know that I was successful at interview for the post of Consultant Anaesthetist. Thank you again for your help. The e-learning insights into the NHS was really interesting and a different take to anything I’d read before. You were spot on with the need to be topical.

Consultant Anaesthetist


Just a quick email to let you know that I was successful in my consultant interview yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself and Andrew for your help with my interview preparation. The e-learning, textbook and face-to-face coaching were all excellent and I have no doubt that they played a major role in my achieving a successful outcome.

Consultant Vascular Surgeon


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