Mastering Your Emotions in Presentations

Mastering Your Emotions in Presentations

Lessons from the master of emotional management Many candidates are asked to make presentations as part of their interview process and a good proportion of those wonder whether their prowess as a presenter suddenly takes over as the appointment criteria, instead of...

Pre-Interview Elevator Pitch

  You are going to want an Elevator Pitch! During your pre-interview visits, a number of people, especially more senior ones, are going to ask you to “tell me something about yourself”. You do NOT want to be droning on about the contents of your CV...
Pre-Interview Visits in Covid-19

Pre-Interview Visits in Covid-19

So, many Trusts are continuing to proceed with job posting and interviews, often with the interviews being held via Zoom or similar. But what about pre-interview visits? The purpose of pre-interview visits was multi-factorial, including, but not limited to: Developing...


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